Central Texas Public Safety Commission supports Austin City Manager’s decision to name Brian Manley as police chief finalist

Business, community and faith leaders praise interim chief’s experience and leadership

AUSTIN, TEXAS — April 30, 2018 — The Central Texas Public Safety Commission announced its support today for City Manager Spencer Cronk’s decision to name Brian Manley as the finalist for chief of the Austin Police Department. Manley has served as interim chief of police since December 2016.

“Chief Brian Manley has the experience and vision to lead the Austin Police Department,” said David Roche, president of the Central Texas Public Safety Commission. “His exemplary performance during the past 17 months has proven Brian Manley is the best and only choice for police chief.”

“The Central Texas Public Safety Commission commends the city manager’s deliberate and thorough process to seek community input and name Brian Manley as Austin’s police chief,” said Adm. Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret), past president of the Central Texas Public Safety Commission. “Brian has demonstrated that he listens and is willing to decisively address problems.”

“Brian Manley’s dedication and qualifications will make him a successful chief of police,” said Chief Art Acevedo of the Houston Police Department and Austin’s former police chief. “As a lifelong Austin resident, Brian shares the unique values of the community.”

Manley is a 28-year veteran of the Austin Police Department. Prior to serving as interim chief, Manley supervised several units in the police department, including Child Abuse, Highway Operations, Homicide, Internal Affairs, Narcotics, Patrol, Recruiting and Training, and Special Operations and Homeland Security. He attended Doss Elementary and Murchison Middle School, and is a graduate of Johnston High School, The University of Texas at Austin, and St. Edward’s University. He and his wife, Tina, have two children.

Founded in 1997, the Central Texas Public Safety Commission supports Central Texas first responders and promotes regional homeland security and public safety planning. David Roche leads a board of 60 business and community leaders. Past presidents include Mayor Roy Butler, Paul J. Bury III, Dr. William H. Cunningham, Richard S. Hill, Joe E. Holt, Adm. Bobby R. Inman, Mack Wallace, Ralph Wayne, and Amb. Pamela P. Willeford. For more information, visit

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Business, community and faith leaders support Austin Police Chief Brian Manley

“Brian Manley’s dedication and qualifications will make him a successful chief of police. As a lifelong Austin resident, Brian shares the unique values of the community.”

Chief Art Acevedo
Houston Police Department

“Chief Brian Manley has the experience and vision to lead the Austin Police Department. His exemplary performance during the past 17 months has proven Brian Manley is the best and only choice for police chief.”

David L. Roche
Central Texas Public Safety Commission

“The Central Texas Public Safety Commission commends the city manager’s deliberate and thorough process to seek community input and name Brian Manley as Austin’s police chief. Brian has demonstrated that he listens and is willing to decisively address problems.”

Adm. Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret)
Past President
Central Texas Public Safety Commission

“I am writing to tell you about what I have gleaned over the last 17 months about Chief Manley. He is strong in his convictions and immaculate in his integrity. He treats people the way he would like to be treated. He pinned me as the first rabbi for APD Chaplains and also had a Star of David put on my badge. He is proud of all I do with and for the LGPOA (Lesbian Gay Peace Officers Association) and always insists on inclusion with his officers and staff. As a female, a Jew and someone who works extensively with all genders, LGBTQ community, races and creeds, he is always there to back and support me and others. I cannot think of anyone more appropriate for Austin as police chief.”

Rabbi-Cantor Marie Betcher

“It is my immense pleasure to endorse Chief Brian Manley for the leading candidate as APD Chief. Brian Manley has demonstrated intelligence, excellent character, integrity and great experience in the past 17 months as acting chief. During the time of the bombings in Austin, he showed great strength and capability by ensuring the security and protection of the people in this city. We support him in every way to become the next APD chief. I have personally met him and seen that he has a strong passion towards his job. He has shown that he is worthy of this position. I have never doubted his honesty nor his high moral principles. We are grateful and thankful for his life because he has been a blessing to the lives in our city of Austin, Texas.”

Marco Castilla
Pastor of Monte de Sion

“My name is Danny Forshee, and I serve as the Lead Pastor of Great Hills Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. I also serve as the current board chair of Christ Together Greater Austin. I want to add my heartfelt recommendation and support for Brian Manley as the next chief of police. I have met Brian Manley on many occasions and witnessed firsthand his love for our city, integrity and desire to serve. Brian’s leadership during the recent bombings was most exemplary and professional. The nation was able to see what a fine man we had in Brian as he gave leadership and guidance during arguably the most chaotic and painful time in the history of Austin.”

Danny Forshee
Lead Pastor
Great Hills Baptist Church

“I am very proud to be work with Chief Manley as a police chaplain. He is fair, reliable, and stays with an issue until it is resolved. He is the kind of person I would like to see as our permanent police chief.”

Carl Harvey
Senior Pastor
Turning Point Bible Fellowship

“My name is Daryl Horton. I have the privilege of serving as the President of the Baptist Ministers’ Union of Austin & Vicinity, and Assistant to the Pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. I am writing to share my support of Interim Chief of Police Brian Manley. For the past 17 months Brian Manley has been a visible example of consistent and admirable leadership. He has been highly involved and supportive throughout the Austin community, and lives and serves with the highest level of integrity and character. It is an honor to serve alongside Interim Chief Brian Manley, and I am in support of considering him for the permanent position of Chief of Police for the City of Austin”

Rev. Daryl Horton
Youth Minister/Assistant to the Pastor
Mt. Zion Baptist Church

“For the last 17 months Chief Brian Manley has served as the interim Chief of Police for the City of Austin, Texas. I want to join many community, civic, and religious leaders in giving Chief Manley the highest commendations for his outstanding and unparalleled job he has done for the police department and for the city of Austin. Chief Manley has remained a constant and reliable presence in the community and has made himself available when called upon. He is to be highly commended for his unmatched leadership during the Austin bombings. I am confident that given the opportunity to serve as the Chief of Police for the City of Austin, Texas, Chief Manley will excel beyond expectation. He has the full support of the members and friends of Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church.”

Rev. N. Jordan Mkwanazi
Senior Pastor
Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church

“I would like to join many across our city in support and endorsement of Brian Manley as Austin Police Chief. As the pastor of the Anderson Mill Baptist Church for the past 23 years, I have been involved with individuals and organizations in working to help our city continue to grow in character, values and safety. I have had the opportunity to personally be with Interim Chief Manley in conversations, meetings and service, both before becoming our interim chief and afterwards. I have found him to be a man of character and integrity that I can endorse without hesitation. He cares about our city, its citizens and those who serve in our law enforcement community. He holds the respect of those who serve under his leadership and of people across our nation who have watched him lead this city through some very challenging days while serving as acting chief. I believe he is the law enforcement leader we need at this time in Austin, and want to encourage our city leaders to remove the ‘interim,’ making Brian Manley our Chief of Police.”

Rob Minor
Senior Pastor
Anderson Mill Baptist Church

“Chief Manley has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the face of adversity in Austin, Texas. During the Austin bombings, Chief Manley engaged community leaders in a way that demonstrated compassion, caring and a depth of understanding as it relates to having relationships based on empathy with those who had been adversely affected. I believe that Austin needs a chief determined to build relationships with every person in the community. Chief Manley knows the issues Austinites are facing, has a willingness to learn, invites all perspectives to the table of discussion, listens to the community, is willing to have courageous conversations about race/truth and reconcilitation, has an unwavering commitment to the safety of every Austinite and allows the community to hold him accountable. For the reasons I have stated, I am in support of Interim Chief Bryan Manley becoming the permanent Chief of the Austin Police Department.”

Sherwynn Patton
Program Director
Life Anew Restorative Justice

“I, Marivel Reyes, Senior Pastor am writing this letter on behalf of Chief Brian Manley. During the time I have known him, Chief Manley has proven to be a person of great integrity and moral values. Chief Manley has worked together with the Pastors of the Austin Latin Ministerial Alliance and has always been willing to help the community, families and youth. He has excellent leadership and communication skills, is hardworking and it does his job with excellence. Also, Chief Manley has done an outstanding job in these months as the Interim Chief of Police and with the experience and skills he has shown, brought unity and has made the police department of our city stronger.”

Lic. Marivel Reyes
Senior Pastor
Iglesia El Shaddai

“I, and the organization that I serve, am excited to hear of the possible appointment of Brian Manley as the next Chief of Police for the Austin Police Department. Chief Manley has been very helpful in his role of interim Chief to make himself and his officers available to the over 200 churches of our association. His timely responses to our requests have always been much appreciated and helpful. His energy and ethics are much appreciated.”

Dr. David W. Smithz
Executive Director
Austin Baptist Association

“As a former street cop and counterterrorism special agent, Brian Manley is the perfect choice for our city and has my utmost trust and confidence.”

Fred Burton
Chief Security Officer, Stratfor
and New York Times best-selling author

“Chief Manley more than deserves to be our permanent police chief. His exemplary performance over the last 17 months and long association with the Austin community makes him uniquely qualified.”

Paul J. Bury III
Past President
Central Texas Public Safety Commission

“I would like to endorse Brian Manley to be the next chief of police. He grew up in Austin and has served this city his whole life. Manley learned from one of the best chiefs ever, Art Acevedo. He knows and has the respect of the entire police department. He has proven his ability to lead the city in crisis situations while serving as interim chief. Manley has my vote for police chief.”

Scott Crossett
Apple Leasing

“I am writing regarding the recommendation that Brian Manley be nominated and hired as the permanent Chief of Police for the City of Austin. As a resident of Austin, my opinion is that we could not find a more qualified person of strength, courage and wisdom than Brian Manley. He is not only a man of exceptional character and honor, but he has been tested by the issues we have faced as a city over the last year and a half. He has proven to be a strong and calm leader who will lead the APD in the right direction and will be a distinctive leader that will make us and our City a better place to live and grow. Thank you for your consideration of Brian Manley for this position.”

Jeffrey N. Drinkard
HF2M Inc.

“I enthusiastically support the appointment of Interim Chief Brian Manley to the position of Chief of Police in Austin. His experience and knowledge of our community uniquely qualifies him for this position. He has demonstrated the wisdom of this choice time and again during his service as Interim Chief. This appointment would define the term ‘no brainer.’”

John W. Fainter Jr.
Former Secretary of State
State of Texas

“My name is Scott Flack, and I’m honored to serve as President of Live Oak, an Austin-based Commercial Real Estate firm. It is also an honor to serve as the current chair of the Austin Area Research Organization (AARO) Social Equity Committee. The purpose of this note is to communicate my personal and unequivocal support of APD interim police chief Brian Manley as you consider appointing him as the next permanent chief of police of our great city of Austin. We have all witnessed firsthand his integrity, character, love for our entire community and his desire to humbly serve so that we will be a safer and more secure city. Chief Manley’s stellar leadership during the events surrounding the local bombings was professionalism at its finest. The entire country witnessed his unparalleled leadership in the midst of an extremely tense and chaotic situation. Although I am writing today as an individual citizen, I’m very confident most of my colleagues share this assessment of Brian’s extraordinary qualifications.”

Scott Flack
Live Oak Real Estate Development, Brokerage & Services

“Chief Brian Manley has served the Austin area for more than a quarter century with APD. Brian grew up and has raised a family in Austin and he understands this community. His leadership during the recent serial bombings in Austin and his continued efforts to improve the department’s relations throughout this city displays his top-tier talent as a police chief. Although this appointment is long overdue, we should all be thankful to have a person the caliber of Chief Manley to head the Austin Police Department.”

Louis Granger
Financial Advisor
Wells Fargo Advisors

“Over the past 17 months Brian Manley has shown he is more than capable of leading the Austin Police Department.  His leadership, experience and long-term commitment to APD makes him the only choice for our future as Chief. I commend the job Chief Manley has done thus far and look forward to all the great things to come with Brian leading our force.”

Corby Jastrow
Vice President
Prominent Title

“We live in a growing city facing challenges representative of some cities twice our size. Chief Manley has handled his tenure as Interim Police Chief with grace, poise and confidence while in the national spotlight for the recent bombings. Austin deserves a police chief who knows how to utilize the resources available to him, maintain trust and calm among the residents of this community in times of uncertainty, and who can tap into the contacts necessary without hesitation to do the best job for the safety of all of Austin. I believe that person is Chief Manley, and I appreciate his service to this city.”

Amber Pearce
Highland South neighborhood

“It’s important to me that our next Chief of Police understands our local community values and expectations. Our next police chief must also have a commitment to acknowledging and addressing our painful history regarding inequities and racism. Chief Manley, like me is a native Austinite and throughout his career has demonstrated leadership, integrity and resolve and has earned my trust, respect and support to serve as our next Police Chief. I applaud this recognition by Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk and his decision to name Chief Manley as the lone and sole finalist.”

Paul Saldaña, Co-founder Hispanic Advocates Business Leaders of Austin and former
Vice President Austin ISD Board of Trustees

“Having moved to Austin from a Midwest city with a high crime rate, we find comfort and feel safe in this community. We are proud to support and strongly encourage the promotion of interim chief Brian Manley as Austin’s next Chief of Police. He has navigated his role with grace and professionalism as he has encountered the many challenges of this growing community. We believe Brian is the best choice and has more than proven his ability and his commitment to keeping Austin the safest city in America.”

Stephanie and Chad Simpson
Zilker neighborhood

“True leaders are unselfish, react well under pressure while making good decisions and showing excellent judgment, which is fair and consistent for all involved. All of these leadership characteristics, Brian Manley has demonstrated during his tenure as interim police chief. His performance the last several months warrants a decision by the City Manager and the City Council to promote him to City of Austin’s Police Chief.”

Gary Valdez
Focus Strategies Investment Banking

“As co-founder of the Central Texas Public Safety Commission, I highly commend you on naming Brian Manley as chief of the Austin Police Department. His magnificent leadership abilities have been demonstrated during the past year and a half as acting chief during troubling times, and Austin citizens will continue to benefit from his dedicated leadership.”

Ralph Wayne
Past President
Central Texas Public Safety Commission

“Chief Manley is a proven leader who cares about our city and its citizens. His integrity, honesty, humility and dedication make him the obvious choice to be named Austin’s chief of police.”

Amb. Pamela P. Willeford
Past President
Central Texas Public Safety Commission

“Brian Manley is a longtime citizen of Austin who has demonstrated the strongest possible commitment to public safety during our most trying times. He’s earned the role of police chief and he won’t disappoint us.”

Pete Winstead
Central Texas Public Safety Commission